Create Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch Tutorial

Do you have trouble with interviews? How about sharing your ideas in short and clear ways? This course teaches you how to get others excited to work with you. 

There is one module which you can access by clicking the link to your right. The module comes with training videos in both english and spanish.

The presentations used in the videos are available in the “resources” section at the bottom of the module. 

Module 1: Create Your Elevator Pitch.

  • Learn how to create and deliver your own elevator pitch.


If you have trouble accessing or playing the videos or have other questions – please use the chat app on the site or reach out to via email.



Wikimedia. (n.d.-i). Woman at a presentation at TED. [Photograph]. Wikimedia Commons.

Learning For Equity

A series of workshops to support capacity building for the Best Start Community Partnerships – Earn your certificate now from Pacific Oaks College!

CHC’s Social Change Institute in partnership with Pacific Oaks College designed and delivered curriculum for a series of workshops to support capacity building for the Best Start Community Partnerships.

There are four modules and a total of twelve workshops, that address the core competencies needed to position the Best Start Community Partnerships for future success.

All participants will earn a certificate from Pacific Oaks College for every module completed.

Each workshop will be a daylong class with pre-requisite readings, journaling and cumulative assignments that will evidence participants understanding and application of the curriculum.

How to sign up:
If you would like to connect with us to collaborate on a future Learning for Equity Capacity Building Workshop, please contact Michelle Burton